How to login to your Plesk control panel?

The back-end control panel that JLH supports and uses is Plesk. Our Linux and windows hosting control panels are based on Plesk. Plesk is a very advanced control panel and easy to use for managing your web hosting subscription. By using Plesk control panel, you can upload website files/scripts to your https folder, manage your email accounts, add/remove ftp accounts, set up free SSL for your domain etc.

Login to JLH

For an in-depth tutorial on logging into your clinet area refer to this tutorial.

Navigate to services

Within your client area dashboard, you can see your subscription. It is known as the ‘service’ within your client area dashboard. Click on the ‘services’ button.

Remember, you can logon to your Plesk control panel, only if you have an active subscription

Example for a service is a ‘Linux starter hosting’ that we offer. Click on your ‘service’ to open it. The product (the service you are subscribed to) page will be opened.

Login to Plesk

Scroll to the bottom of the product page and you will see a button to login to your Plesk control panel. Note: Plesk control panel will open in a new window.

Plesk Control panel

Plesk control panel would like as given below.

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